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  • Maxim Samarin

    PhD Candidate

    About me

    I am a doctoral researcher in computer science in the Biomedical Data Analysis group of Professor Volker Roth. Previously, I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degree in physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and spent a semester in the Complex Systems Master’s programme at École normale supérieure (ENS) de Lyon.
    I have a broad interest in machine learning and data analytics. In my main project, we attempt to integrate and analyse large heterogeneous datasets and citizen observations in the fields of soil degradation and bird migration, funded by the Big Data National Research Programme.

    My projects

    weObserve: Integrating Citizen Observers and High Throughput Sensing Devices for Big Data Collection, Integration, and Analysis

    Contact Information

    University of Basel
    Maxim Samarin
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Room 01.001
    Spiegelgasse 1
    CH - 4051 Basel, Switzerland

    Phone: +41 61 207 0542

    You can also find me on LinkedIn.